She was overpowered by shame and vexation. Her coming there was the most unfortunate, the most ill-judged thing in the world! How strange must it appear to him! In what a disgraceful light might it not strike so vain a man! It might seem as if she had purposely thrown herself in his way again! Oh! why did she come? or, why did he thus come a day before he was expected? Had they been only ten minutes sooner, they should have been beyond the reach of his discrimination, for it was plain that he was that moment arrived, that moment alighted from his horse or his carriage.


i know that i’m beautiful because my mother would not have kept an ugly child she has standards

Emma Roberts for the new Levis Fall/Winter campaign.


If you say aesthetics three times into your mirror you get a free bottle of Fiji water

The Shining, Stanley Kubrick, 1980

Guess I got what I deserved. Kept you waiting there too long my love … 

Jessica Chastain photographed by David Slijper for Harpers Bazaar UK, November 2014.