Sofia Coppola’s signature shot.

Naomi Campbell by Terry O’Neill, 1991




that sucks :/ I wouldn’t know

Marie Antoinette (2006) dir. Sofia Coppola

outdoor spaces

Michael Pitt and Winona Ryder for rag & bone F/W 2014


Ceilings and floors in Vatican City.


Ferguson police are being sued for $40mil, +++ some of the officers are facing individual lawsuits for rights infringement. fucking break those cops. 

How Anna Gunn’s Performance as Skyler White Changed Television.

Gunn’s performance was not that of an action heroine or a television genius, and it was not meant to be. Skyler carries the weight of Walt’s actions. Plenty of people hated her for it, Walt sometimes included. But Gunn’s performance pushed both Walt and the people who wanted to see him as a hero to increasingly contrived and ludicrous justifications for treating Skyler like she was a worse person than Walt.

Gunn’s drawn face in the last two seasons of “Breaking Bad” might not have brought about the end of the anti-hero era in television. But Gunn’s performance marked the end of a time when the creators of such shows could get away with writing anti-heroes’ wives as flat, cartoonish characters, or when audiences could get away with worshiping difficult men without encountering strong opposition.

I offer you my hand, my heart. Jane, I ask you to pass through life at my side— to be my second self, and my best earthly companion.

Jane Eyre (2011), Cary Fukunaga

Lake Bell - GQ Australia magazine September 2014 issue

Unbroken (2014) dir. Angelina Jolie

If I can take it, I can make it.

Keira Knightley in Anna Karenina, 2012

 Chris Evans photographed by Tony Duran for Flaunt Magazine, 2004.